Tim Parfitt (UK)


This tournament is being organised by Tim Parfitt (UK)

Contact details:

Telephone: +44 7976 264260


Facebook: TIM SUKI

Online nickname: tiimjp

Tim lives in Brighton (UK) with his dog Suki. He runs a local club 8 Cube Brighton Backgammon founder member of Brighton Backgammon Premier League and also an annual tournament Brighton Summer Open.

Tim is not eligible to play in the tournament.

Tournament Committee


The following people have offered their assistance with the promotion of this tournament and help with any issues that arise. They are all eligible to participate in the tournament if they wish.

Arda Fındıkoğlu (Turkey)


Most people in the backgammon world will know of Arda as probably the number one international tournament director.

Arda was taught Tavla by his father and moved into backgammon in 1997 on the internet, he is a very strong player and has won numerous tournaments.

Arda runs too many tournaments to list here but include the Merit Casino events such as North Cyprus and Montenegro.

A  qualified Civil Engineer but his life seems to be backgammon

Online nickname:

Jesper Carlsson (Sweden)


Jesper, 46, from Gothenburg, Sweden Started playing backgammon in 1994, first international event played in 2010

Playing at an “Advanced” level around PR 8-10 he Organized the Gothenburg Open and the Swedish Open and has worked tirelessly on the teams with the World Championship in Monte Carlo and the Texas Backgammon Championship.

Online nickname: jesper1972

Swedish Open Website

Michihito Kageyama (Japan)


One of the best known players in the world, Michi is number 2 Grand master of backgammon.

Based in Osaka, Michihito “Michy” Kageyama, started taking Backgammon very seriously after visiting the Chess and Backgammon Club in New York in 1995.
His notable victories on the international circuit includes wins in the Menton Open and the Super Jackpots at Las Vegas in 2011, winner in the consolation of the European Championship and runner up in the Monte Carlo World Championship in 2012, winner in the European Championship and Munich Open in 2013, and winner of the Portuguese Open, Athens Open and Cannes Super Jackpot in 2014. He joined Mochy’s Under 4.0 Club in 2013.

His GridGammon nickname is michy.

He is also one of the authors of books Opening Concepts and Endgame Techniques.

Terje Pedersen (Norway)


Terje is a developer who started out around 1980 on a Vic 20 on his lap connected to a black and white tv screen. He has been programming ever since. Working at Funcom as a games developer and at Opera Software as browser developer around 9 years at each company. The highlight of his career was working with Nintendo and living in Tokyo for 3 years.

As a backgammon player he has played for a long time but more professionally after being asked to join a Norwegian championship in 2010. He read his first backgammon book the 501, that year which was an eye opener!

Backgammon turned out to be so much fun that he wanted to learn more but wasn’t impressed with what he found available online so I started making Backgammon Studio in 2014.

A couple of years later he introduced online match play on the server and it was so popular that he has taken it further with Backgammon Studio Heroes. The heroes story is to be continued…

Terje and backgammon studio are together our chosen online match preference and technical support for matches played on the site.

tim suki