Phase 1 (Online play / Live play)


The first phase will be up to 2048 places /players in up to 256 groups of playing 3 rounds of 9 point matches, in a straight knockout.


1 in 4 chance to win entry back


This first phase groups of 8 can be organised live by local clubs, groups or organisations or Online play by registering here.

Players will be allowed to enter as many times as they like during Phase 1 up to the date of close.

The winner of each group will qualify for the second phase of tournament and get original entry fee €30 refunded.

The losing finalist will be refunded entry fee €30 enabling re-entry for free as long as spaces available. Players may qualify from more than one group into second phase. All draws will be random but could end up matching in latter rounds

The remaining €180 from each group will be shared in the next phases of the tournament as detailed below.


Phase 2 (Online play)


Up to 256 players


If phase 1 is fully subscribed to there will be 256 players qualified through to phase 2 who have all got to this phase free as original entry will have been refunded when winning phase 1 groups. No further entry payment is required.

32 groups of 8 will then be drawn for online play.

If there were not 256 groups in phase 1 there may be some byes in the first round phase 2.

Again this will be 3 rounds of 9 point matches in straight knockout.

The winner of each group will qualify for third phase of tournament and win €100

Phase 3 (Online play)


32 Players


This round is to be played “only” on Backgammon Studio heroes!!!

Phase 3 will reduce the number of players to either 8 or 4 to qualify for a live final. The number of qualifiers will be dependent on original number of entries.

All 32 qualifiers will be drawn into 4 groups of 8.

The Winners will qualify for Phase 4 – live final.

The losing finalist will qualify if enough enough players enter as table at bottom of page here

All qualifiers for the live final will also receive an allowance towards traveling and accommodation expenses to attend live final.

Phase 4 (Live final)


8 or 4 Players


Phase 4 will be a live final which will be arranged in association with a currently organised international backgammon tournament suitable for all finalists.

A short list of tournaments will be selected by the committee to be voted on by all finalists, a final decision in the event of a tie will be made by the committee.

Finalists will be given an allowance on travel expenses relevant to home-to-event logistics. An allowance will also be given for accommodation at the event. Should a player not be able to attend the final a substitute will be chosen from previous round by online knockout.

The remaining prize pot accumulated from first phase will be played for in the live final between either 8 or 4 players, projected first prize €12,500