Live Play

Phase 1 – Live Groups


Clubs, organisations or simply friends can apply for one or more 8 player groups up to the maximum entry of 256

To apply for a live group a payment of €180 needs to be paid as per registration page with the name of group.

Group knockout can then be organised with list of 8 or more players, a link to online draw sheets (Challonge) and the name of qualifier submitted by email to to be added to the brackets page

Tournaments can be arranged for any number of players with any entry fee desired as long as the group entry fee is paid. For example 16 players @ €12 or 32 players @ €6 would achieve the required result with a chance of winning the main prize. Local organiser may charge any additional registration fee if required which is nothing to do with the tournament organisation. A qualification can be as a bonus to an existing tournament, however the local organiser wants to arrange it.

Phase 4


The live Finals


The live finals which will be played somewhere in Europe in association with a major international tournament.

Play will be a straight knockout between 8 (or maybe 4 players if lower entry numbers).

Matches will be 11 / 13 points with a clock. (2mins/point+12 sec delay)

All live final qualifiers will be assisted with travel expenses and will share the final prize pool as detailed.