Online Play

Online Play


Online play will be used for Phases 1 – 3 as detailed


Online play will be on the following platforms:


Each entrant must confirm which platform they have accounts with and their preference. It may be necessary to sign up to an alternative to play your matches. Please provide User ID for each available platform.

We will organise first phase draws on chosen preference platforms when we have over 16 players per platform.

Backgammon Studio is the tournament preference and online support.

If players drawn cannot agree on which platform to play on, Backgammon Studio will take preference. Tournament Committee will impose preference.

See below for Backgammon studio settings







Rules of Online play


The rules that will be used for this tournament are as detailed on the Wbif website as below:

Wbif Rules


All players must respect these tournament rules and TD decisions will be final.

Any players who are found to be banned from online servers will be excluded from continuation in participating in the tournament and any entry fees / prizes will be withheld by organisers.

Known live play ability (PR) will be considered in any evaluation of matches.

Backgammon Studio


Tournament Preference



Backgammon Galaxy


Second Preference





Mutual agreement only



Backgammon Studio Settings


These are the settings that should be used for online matches, these settings can be used on other platforms in early rounds.

Once logged into website, choose Main Room

Your opponents name / nickname will be listed on left hand menu.

Click on name to challenge, then click on drop down menus to choose settings.

The image to the right shows the settings 9 point Competition Match using Wbif time settings.

Online time settings are lower than live tournament match settings as there is no dice rolling. These lower settings also lessen the likelihood of online cheating.

Please note that Backgammon Studio will be able to analyse all match files therefore if anyone believes there may have been any malpractice this will be checked. We will do everything practical to avoid cheating however cannot be held responsible if no proof is possible. Players who manage to play a 9 point match well below their known live play ability (PR) will obviously be analysed.

Backgammon Studio - Match lobby