Prize Breakdown

Prize Breakdown.


The following is all subject to adjustment depending on number of entries.

Prizes will be paid by paypal unless otherwise agreed.



Phase 1  – Every entrant will have a 1 in 4 (25%) opportunity to win back original entry fee €30.

Phase 2 – All qualifiers through to this phase again have a 1 in 4 (25%) opportunity to win a minimum payout of €100

Phase 3 – The last 32 players will play to last 8 winning a a further minimum of €250

In phase 3 the last 8 or 4 players will qualify for the live final.

We hope for full subscription to the tournament of 2048 players, if less than 1600 players enter in phase 1 then qualifiers may be reduced accordingly.

Phase 4


The remaining balance of all entry fees will then be split as follows:

Live Final Prize pool.

Travel and accommodation allowance.


The allocation of travel and accommodation will be dependent on logistics between players Home and the location of the final venue. This will be approximately €750 per player. An additional pool will be used for more distant international flights or added to final prize pool. Accommodation may not be at the actual venue to be confirmed.

Location of final venue will be chosen by poll between finalists from a short list of suitable venues for all players based on a number of factors including flights, accommodation and any other relevant factors.

Please note that the full cost of expenses may not be covered depending on final venue. Flights will be economy.

Winning through to this final live stage will give access to play in the rest of the tournament events but may require extended stay at own expense.

The table below shows a range of prize allocations dependent on final number of entries to the tournament. If under 1600 entries there will be only 4 live finalists and 5th – 8th places will just win the additional prize money €250. (This gives a total minimum tournament winnings of €350)

In the unlikely situation that only small numbers of entries are received the organiser reserves the right to limit the live phase to just 2 players or the final will be played online with 4 players receiving prize money respective of total entry. (512 entries – Online finals only – First prize approximately – €1750)

The more entries the better the prizes!



There is an administration charge of approximately 6 – 8% of all entry payments.

Administration includes website, online group organisation, travel organisation, live final expenses and trophies.

Trophies will be awarded to 4 or 8 places.